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About Us

APS Infotech provides remote system administration and technical support services to the web hosting companies, data centre and ISP. APS Infotech's emphasis has always been on providing a complete and cost effective solution. As an organization, we believe that the key to this business is to provide a thorough solution but at the same time make sure that it is done efficiently. Moreover, we believe in striking at the core of problems. We do not pride ourselves in being able to solve a hundred service requests a day per server..if the server administrator knows his job well, there wouldn't be a hundred service requests in the first place.

Our well thought out, carefully pruned service methodology, astute quality assurance procedures and exhaustive training programmes give us the unique edge that has helped us earn an excellent reputation and the trust of several hosting companies and datacenters, who depend on us to provide them with world class service that distinguishes them from their competitors.

Current Operation Integration

The APS Infotech Team is more than happy to co-exist with your existing staff. Our people will  provide your staff with shift reports after working either in tandem with your staff or as an after-hours, full service solution.

24/7 Office Availability

We employ several strategies to keep our office online when those around us are not. Employing redundant Internet connections is just one way that APS Infotech ensures availability of our staff to your customers at all times.

With APS Infotech, you know your customers are in capable hands.

The Team

Our people are the heart of our operation. By carefully selecting the best and brightest young minds, we are able to offer the highest quality support services available today. All of our employees hold bachelor's degrees, master's degrees. We firmly believe the wisest investment any company can make is in its people.

APS Infotech chooses new team members not only for their technical ability, intelligence, and problem solving skills but also their inclination to helping other people. Every member of the APS Infotech team speaks English as a first language and possesses graduate-level communication skills.

Management Team

APS Infotech's management team boasts over a decade of experience  in the web hosting and support industries. Our principle focus is to ensure that our support team members are providing your customers with the world-class support they deserve. We maintain a 100% Full-Disclosure policy with our support and sales team members to fuel the camaraderie essential to long-term success. We treat our employees as bosses and our clients as king!

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