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Support and Administration Plans

Below are the plans provided by us which are designed according to the various needs of the clients. Order one of the plans now and sit back and relax

Dedicated Staff

A dedicated staff of technical support engineers will be allocated for your company who are expertise in  Linux / windows operating systems. This staff will be working only for your company handling all the support issues via the various support channels offered by your company to its clients. All tickets, chats, server issues, server administration etc will be done by them. This plan is suitable for companies who have more than 4-5 servers.

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Semi Dedicated Staff

This plan is for upcoming hosting companies and resellers who can provide their clients 24x7 live support  or even hire techs to manage the loaded duration of the business day or night duration or non office hours. This plan provides you flexibility to hire techs as per the load of work and  its duration. You can even go for dedicated tech for loaded business hours and semi dedicated techs for non office hours thus making a 24x7 support for your clients.

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Help Desk Support Staff

This plan is divided in two types, where both type of hosting companies can go for this plan. The company having low number of support queries can hire the Help Desk Support techs who will reply to their low number of quires. On the other side the hosting companies who have a large number of support queries coming in daily can also hire this staff who will dedicatedly do only support requests for their company.

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Live Chat Support Staff

This plan can be used by both types of hosting companies, one who want to provide 24x7 live chat support to their clients or the companies who are getting considerable amount of visitors on their websites and they don't want to loose them by not keeping the live chat option active on their site.

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Server Administration Staff

We provide Server Administrators for you company in this plan. The administrators allocated in this plan are expertise in administration and are also certified in the Linux and Windows Operating system. They will do all type of installation, fixes, patches and security tightening for you server. They will also design shell or perl script to automate your server jobs and backups.

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Need Customize Plan?

You dont find any of the above plan sutiable for your requirement? No problem, we will provide you customize plan as per your requirements, just fill up our "Request a Quote" Form so  that our sales representative will mail you or call you in next 2 hours.

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